Creating a minimum viable product


What we do?

We save your money. We do it by creating Minimum Viable Product (MVP). MVP saves money because it focuses on building only the essential features needed to launch a product, which reduces development costs, accelerates time to market, and minimizes risk.


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What are we working with?


We prefer to work with React, but we mostly use HTML-templates and Bootstrap to quickly implement reasonable responsive frontend.


Using Node.js and PostgreSQL we can build a scalable API literally in minutes. We adhere REST principles for flexibility and simplicity.

Mobile App

We use React Native for developing our applications. It's a popular framework for building mobile apps that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.


While we have experience working with AWS and Azure, we find that using dedicated Linux servers helps our client save money.

Other stuff

Apart from designing websites and APIs, we have also developed messenger bots, video content, 2D design, 3D scenes, ticket services and call centers.


We rely on the power of our brains to craft innovative and efficient solutions. We consistently deliver high-quality results through our intellectual capabilities.


Team Members

Here is our team ready to bring your ideas to life. Let us tackle your biggest challenges and deliver a reliable, user-friendly MVP. With expertise in design and development, we're ready to turn your ideas into reality.

Dimitry Ivanov

CEO, Solution Architect, Team Lead


Lead Full-stack developer


Our MVP pricing starts at $10K and is based on the complexity and requirements of your project.

Starting Kit

Small project, and we have direct experience with it.

from $10.000
Middle Kit

Large project and we've got hands-on experience with it.

from $60.000
Die Hard

If you are unsure about how to approach the project...

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